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Operation Yellow Ribbon is a Patriot Action PAC Project committed to raising awareness about the plight of the J6political prisoners, both to the public and to Congress.

We will be hand delivering copies of the book, “The American Gulag Chronicles. Letters from Prison” to members of Congress this spring. You can purchase a copy of the book for yourself and donate a copy to Operation Yellow Ribbon to be hand delivered to a member of Congress.

Please visit these other important sites supporting the J6 families & prisoners.

J6 Support Hotline: 833-SAVEDJ6

Please use the following memes and hashtags to show J6 support on social media




To support the work of Patriot Action please click the button below to learn how to donate to our efforts.

Operation Yellow Ribbon is a project of PA PAC. This project is created, managed, and funded by PA PAC.
Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate Committee.

Use of the name and likeness of any candidate or officeholder is for the purpose of this PACs political communication only and IN NO WAY indicates any authorization by, affiliation with, direction from, or endorsement by that person of any kind. Contributions from foreign nationals or entities are prohibited.