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Patriot Action Political Action Committee is a Hybrid Independent Expenditure Committee registered with the FEC: # C00630830. The PAC Chairman is Suzzanne Monk. She is heavily involved in the Grassroots MAGA Movement through Trump Talk US Podcast, America First Unity Rally DC, Monthly Prayers at the White House, MAGA Comedy Nights at Harry’s DC, author of three books on Grassroots Campaigning & President Nutcracker.  By nature, Suzzanne Monk is a uniting force in the community, always willing to lend a hand and promote any Patriot doing good work.

The Purpose of Patriot Action PAC is to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Values, Freedom, and Culture we hold dear and that have been the foundation of our great country since the very beginning. In the words of our fellow Patriot Patrick Henry, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.”

 PAC Leadership focuses on Action over Events.  Everybody loves an event where we all get together and talk about the President and have some drinks and good food.  There are a number of PACs that will allow you to pay to party. That is not how Patriot Action PAC operates. We make sure we focus on actions that will engage the grassroots, promote important policy initiatives, work to elect Conservative Candidates, and strive grow the Republican voter base.

Suzzanne Monk

Suzzanne Monk is an author, podcast host and political activist living in Washington, DC since 2017. She has written 3 books discussing patriot political strategy and created an online Constitution course to educate Americans on their rights and self governance. In direct citizen activism, she opposed red flag laws in 2018 with future Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, supported strong border security measures and other America First policies.

In 2020, in response to the tyrannical COVID shutdowns, Suzzanne formed ReOpen America PAC on day 2 of the shutdown, to oppose the disinformation and suppression of liberty by states and the federal government.
She worked tirelessly during the lockdowns to retain the Constitutional rights of Americans in the face of the globalist agenda.
In 2021, Suzzanne Monk was the first to call out the egregious treatment of January 6th prisoners in the DC Detention Center, and through direct political action in Congress, she secured the help of Congress members Gohmerr, Gaetz, Gosar and now Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene to demand changes at the DC Detention Center.

Her political efforts in 2022 included the very successful #OperationKnockKnock which put a copy of the election integrity film, 2000 Mules, in the offices of 25% of Congress and a bipartisan peace effort, #OperationNoNuke, which put pressure on the Biden Administration to tone down the nuclear war rhetoric in the Russian/Ukraine conflict.

Suzzanne is currently working on protecting the Constitutional status of DC through educating Congress members on the DC Home Rule Act that secures the rights of DC residents and the necessary oversight role of Congress.

She is looking forward to working with the 118th Congress to see even greater advances for liberty and American sovereignty now and for future generations.

Trisha Hope

Trisha Hope is a political activist known for her support of former President Donald Trump. She is an outspoken advocate for his policies and has been an active participant in events and rallies organized by the former president’s supporters. Hope is a conservative who is passionate about issues such as law and order, limited government, and protecting American values. She has used her platform, including the “Just The Tweets” book series, to spread her message and mobilize her supporters. Hope’s unwavering support of President Trump has earned her a reputation as a controversial figure in the political arena, but it has also inspired a dedicated following among those who share her views.

Daniel Liedke
Daniel Liedke has had a passion for serving veterans & his community since an early age. This work instilled him with the values he pursues everyday and the strong belief in our founding documents, individual liberties, and Faith. In Daniel’s professional career he worked in the insurance & risk management industry, having attended the Kate School of Insurance. This dedication to financial background & volunteer work has led Daniel to assist on various non-profit passion projects, inspiring him to pursue further the political arena to ensure that the United States comes first in its pursuits for financial stability, aiding our veterans, and safeguarding our freedoms that were so hard fought for.


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